Miura Vault represents the culmination of a shared vision between a group of friends, who, motivated by passion and the desire to create something meaningful together, started this project. Without prior financial resources, we launched into this company with determination and enthusiasm, but without any type of financial support. Our motivation does not lie in the accumulation of money, as evidenced by our minimum price policy and our sincerity in stating that our main objective is to offer products that we ourselves value and use, within the reach of everyone. For us, success is not measured in monetary terms, but in the ability to keep this project going and in the satisfaction of our clients.

We strive to establish direct relationships with the original manufacturers and suppliers of each product we offer in our catalog, minimizing the presence of intermediaries. Each item you find in our store has been selected after direct contact with its manufacturer, where we have obtained quality guarantees and authorization to integrate it into our sales channel. In this sense, we distinguish ourselves from other online platforms by prioritizing a more human and transparent connection in all aspects of our business.


We like simple, direct things. We are tired of stores, companies, people, animals or other beings that take things very seriously (or is it written seriously?). In short, at Miura Vault we are what you see: simple people who have fun. We are not going to give you a badge with product descriptions telling you that we offer the highest quality in the world and that our prices are the best because blablabla. No, we are not like that.

You are probably looking for something not very expensive but with acceptable quality. Here we can offer you that. To be honest, why would you be here if it weren't for the price or one very specific thing? If we were rich we would also be buying from very expensive brands. I wish I had a lambo at the front door (even if it was rented to show off on social media). Well, this is what we are. We are not going to offer you anything that we would not use ourselves.

Thanks for stopping by!